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Thread: Coach

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    Hi All,

    I just wish to hear your opinion about my current training under my personal trainer who is also my kettlebell sport coach.

    I started lifting weights about two years ago under this coach, he taught me powerlifting from scratch. Starting from this year, i learnt about kettlebell sport from him and started doing OALC and recently TALC, jerk and snatch. I was told that I have to choose between kettlebell sport and powerlifting as I cannot be good in both at the same time. It's heartbreaking because I love both sports but I opted for Kettlebell.

    The plan was that I train with my coach once a week to correct technique issues and etc, and I train on my own for 2-3times a week. So my coach wrote me the kettlebell training programme for the first month, and the following month it became pretty inconsistent. I had to chase and ask programme from him every week, till I got so fed up that I just tweak the programme myself by adding the timed-sets or increased the training weights on my own.

    I feel like I have not progressed in the kettleble training itself and since I have 'given up' in powerlifting, I cant progress in powerlifting because I was told not to do heavy weights and not to bench. To be honest, I feel VERY LOST and do not know who to speak to. No doubt I like my coach a lot, but it seems to me that he is not interested in coaching me as before anymore. What do you think? I wonder if I should look for another coach or try online coaching?

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    You determined that your coach is not interested in coaching you. This is not a love affair. This is about your goals and desires - not his. Get a new coach most definitely...Dennis
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    Yes new coach as Dennis said! 1st choice would be in person but if no one else around or no one you trust, online will work. I think the "do not both powerlifting and kettlebells" only applies if you wish to compete (and win) in one or the other. They are different skills and different types of strength so might interfere with each other a bit. BUT if you are just doing it for your own enjoyment and being strong and healthy, no reason not to do both. Just be very aware of not overtraining and getting plenty of quality rest and good food.
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