We just got a new stock in of the 1 lb Indian Clubs.

If you have any kind of a shoulder problem or have reduced mobility in your upper body, then these are just the ticket. Highly recommended!

Clubbing my way to health
By clubman123 / Missouri
I ordered these Indian clubs and some 2 pounders a few weeks ago. With proper instruction, my training quality has increased significantly. They are light enough to not interfere with my regular weight training regimen, but I was able to make some real gains in flexibility, grip strength, coordination, and general athletic ability. After 10 minutes with these guys, I was too tired and too pumped to do any more. It is a REAL workout and I am glad that I bought them.

And remember, all of our products come with a ONE-YEAR, 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee. NO other company makes a guarantee this powerful!