So I'm currently serving as a strength coach for a middle school football team. A lot of the boys are "tight," particularly through the shoulders and hips. The head coach asked about taking 1 day/week to work on flexibility/mobility in lieu of lifting. They're currently lifting Monday-Thursday after school and playing games on Saturday.

I figured I could start with joint mobility and the Trifecta from Convict Conditioning 2. This hasn't been my main area of research so I wanted to ask for input on beneficial resources. I was gonna look for something FMS-related but didn't see that Dragon Door was offering that anymore.

I'm considering the following resources but I'm open to others as well.

- "Corrective Strategies and Movement Screening" DVD by Brett Jones
- "Restoring Lost Physical Function" DVD by Mark Reifkind
- "Working with Special Populations" DVD by Andrea Du Cane
- "Flexible Steel" book by Jon Engum
- Z-Health (maybe)

Thank you for any help.