I am happy to announce Pia Scherenberger as a Senior RKC for Germany. Pia has been a massive help for us in Germany and we are excited to have her become that much more powerful a member of our leadership! Here is Pia in her own words:
Since the age of 16 my passion for moving iron has been unbroken. While the focus in the 90s was on active bodybuilding (Vice German Champion debuting in the body class), my training modalities shifted and became more focused on fitness with a health background and functional training. Since then, I have been trying out many things: kickboxing, climbing, Bulgarian Bag, Clubbells, Olylift, Highland Games and Bodyweight Training (PCC Instructor).

My first encounter with the Kettlebell was in 2011 as part of a seminar, but I was finally infected by the “bells” in 2013 when I met Robert RimocziMaster RKC at a convention. The level of detail in which every movement was approached deeply inspired me. I could lose myself for hours in technical analysis. I was immediately convinced by the self-contained and complete RKC training system and now I pass it on to my clients with great passion.
As a Personal Trainer in Cologne, Germany, I support my clients who range from absolute sports greenhorns, to clients with different training levels in small groups but I also love to challenge young, fit and ambitious martial arts athletes. In Cologne you can find me at "Kettlebell Rheinland" (CAGE MMA Cologne) and I support the teams of "Sportakademie PRANG" and "NOCH3" in Kettlebell Training.
Being one of the first certified RKC II kettlebell instructors in Germany, I have gained a lot of knowledge about training with the kettlebell over the years, which I pass on quite successfully in various seminars. At this moment, I offer seven different seminars, ranging from a one-day workshop to a 10-week course. Some of my personal highlights are the preparations of the RKC participants for their certification and coaching on site. This is why I am looking forward to the first HKC certification that I can guide on my own, which is a great award and makes me very proud and happy. Inspiring people with something that I am so strongly committed to and passing on my knowledge, also derived from personal experiences, is something I appreciate a lot. It´s such a great motivation to be part of this journey and to see how everything is progressing.
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