I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Moritz Rammensee to the position of Senior RKC for Dragon Door Germany. Moritz has been a prime mover in the growth of the RKC in Germany and we are all immensely grateful for his efforts on our behalf! Here is more about Moritz, in his own words:
As long as I can remember being active has been a big part of my life. Since I was 16 years old I have been interested in lifting weights and started doing it myself. Just a couple of years later I discovered my passion about coaching. Helping other people to get better, improve their athletic abilities, and ultimately their everyday life is what I love to do.
I started my coaching journey at the age of 18 with a basic fitness trainer certification and an apprenticeship as management assistant in sports and fitness.
In 2009 I heard about FMS and Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, completed my FMS Certification the same year, became certified as a Golf Fitness Instructor by the Titleist Performance Institute in 2010 and HKC Instructor in 2011.
During my Hardstyle journey from RKC, to CK-FMS and RKC II I had the opportunity to learn from and/or work with great coaches like Max Shank, Daniel John, Pavel Tsatsouline, Brett Jones, Dr. Greg Rose, Al Kavadloand Danny Kavadlo in various workshops all over the world.
Since the first ever RKC Certification in Germany in September 2013, I assisted in almost every HKC, PCC, RKC and RKC II in Germany.

In April 2014 I was appointed RKC Team Leader. The same year I co-founded our Gym called “Kraft- und Bewegungsakademie” (Academy of strength and movement) in Munich, which we are going to expand and double in size in fall 2018.
Last but not least I’d like to thank Master RKC Robert Rimoczi for the continuous support in the German RKC community and being a great business partner!
I’m looking forward to spreading the word about RKC in Europe and help more people to become better coaches, athletes or just better versions of themselves. https://www.dragondoor.com/workshops/?F_c=1

Moritz Rammensee Senior RKC.jpg