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    Default Lacking flexibility for pistols. Advice?

    I have been struggling working towards achieving a full, unassisted pistol squat for almost two years but I am still unable to get into the lowest position without a counter-weight. At best, after a few warm-up sets of squats and some hip and ankle stretching I can almost get my legs perpendicular in a pistol squat unassisted.

    I know i'm not lacking the strength as i've busted out plenty of good quality reps with a 12kg kettlebell held out in front, but absent the kettlebell I just fall backwards. I've tried gradually reducing the counter-weight over the course of a year but progress has ground to a halt with a 6kg, and reps remain sloppy due to tightness, which feels as though is in my hips.

    After a quick bit of googling i've found an array of solutions, from gradually moving your feet in until you can do a regular squat with the feet together, to shrimp squats, assisted pistol iso-holds, the assisted pistol or counterweight method i've used unsuccessfully.

    So my question is this - has anyone had the same problem and overcome it, and how? I'm off travelling in 3 months and want to be able to train pistols without having to worrry about a counter-weight!

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    I had this problem also. The best advice I got (read) was to treat the movement like a good morning and not a squat (I think Rob Lawrence said this).

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