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    Default "Strength From Within”, Interview with Darell Dansby, PCC Instructor

    Dragon Door: What inspired your career as a strength and conditioning coach?

    Darell Dansby: I have a big background in wrestling—I wrestled in high school. Then I went to the Army and wrestled for them in Germany.

    After I came back to the States, I signed on to the Fort Hood Powerlifting team. That’s also when I fell in love with powerlifting.

    But in 2010, I had a horrific back injury. And basically that’s how I found out about calisthenics.

    I started with Zach Even-Esh's Bodyweight Bodybuilding programs, and went to his Underground Strength Coach seminar.

    Even though I couldn’t go back to the weights—which were my passion—I found that his Bodyweight Bodybuilding program worked for me, and I didn’t have any problems with the training. So, I continued just doing calisthenics and came to the conclusion that my powerlifting career was over.

    Just this past December, I had surgery and went through rehabilitation. The PCC was the first course that I’ve done since that surgery.

    I'd been wanting complete interview

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