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    Default “RKC, a huge game changer,” interview with Michael Mueller, RKC

    Dragon Door: How did you get started in fitness and athletics?

    Michael Mueller: I wasn't an athlete in high school, and I only started training late in high school because I wanted to join the military.

    I had a dream of becoming a paratrooper. So, I knew I needed to start training for the Army PT standards—I knew what the minimums were, but I also knew that I wanted to excel.

    To be perfectly honest, I used to hate training!

    I only began to enjoy it later in my military career when I started with bodybuilding style training.

    Dragon Door: What do you think changed your feelings about training?

    Michael Mueller: It was a mixture of circumstances.

    When I was in the Army, I had an awesome opportunity to take a two month break when my unit sent me to a civilian EMT course.

    As a paratrooper, I was... read complete interview

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