I am very pleased indeed to announce the promotion of Darius Andre Gilbert to the position of Master RKC. Darius has been a FORCE for Dragon Door over many, many years. We are very grateful for his efforts on our behalf and know that he will do a superb job as a Master!

Here is Darius in his own words:

Darius Gilbert is a national figure on the exercise science and personal training circuit. He is recognized nationally as one of the pre-eminent masters of kettlebells and as a Senior RKC Instructor he regularly provides certification classes and seminars that are popular amongst doctors and other medical professionals. The efficacy of his programs for attaining peak-performance as well as rehabilitation is strong and sought after by those looking for more than can be found in typical fitness or sport skill training centers.

Darius has been established as Dynamic Sport Performance's Owner for over 10 years and has developed a proven formula for success in coaching athletes across multiple sports. Dynamic Sports Performance specializes in servicing the physical and non-physical training needs of elite athletes in the Washington, DC metro area. The goal of the company is to help clients develop explosive athleticism through removal of constraints, both physical and non-physical, and implementation of efficient sport-specific movement patterns. The approach is multifaceted as the best of exercise science, sports medicine, leading edge skill training, mental conditioning, and nutrition is drawn upon. IMG_3543.jpg