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    Default Human Flag Shoulder Pain

    Hi Forum,

    I have been doing the human flag for about 2 years now and recently have had some pain/pinching during bench press barbell, dumbbells dont bother it. No range of motion issues, no other exercises bother it besides flat barbell. And the flag itself hurts a little on the shoulder right about where it connects to the pec.

    Well first I know the ultimate answer is going to be go to the doctor, and that's in the works as I need to do some stuff with work first in case it's a serious injury, that being said, still wanted to ask just for opinions and or how you trained around it.

    I should mention I'm 200 lb/90 kg, my bench presses have been relatively heavy, routinely doing 315 for low reps, now it hurts to do 185 on flat, no issue on decline or incline.

    Thanks as always to anyone who replies.

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    200lb flag? That's awesome. How about just taking 1-2 week of rest, if you don't feel any inflammation use hot water bags on the area to accelerate the healing process, sometimes the body just need some rest.

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