It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Martijn Bos to the position of Master RKC for Holland. Martijn has long been our host and instructor for Dragon Door RKC, HKC and PCC events in Holland and has helped us immensely over the years. Martijn is the highest-level Krav Maga instructor in the world who is non-Israeli, which is really saying something. We will be releasing his excellent book Trojan Workout in January. Here is more about Martijn in his own words:

In my opinion, the kettlebell is one of the most efficient and effective tool there is for creating explosive strength and speed. While used in a different way, you can also create grind and isotonic intensities. Finally, the kettlebell can be used for protracted periods to create extended strength. And all that is just what I need for improving my Krav Maga skills.

The first time the kettlebell and I met was in 2007. I traveled to Hungary for a Krav Maga Law Enforcement course. A featured speaker was touting the explosive strength benefits of a new training tool: the kettlebell. The crudeness of the kettlebell instantly appealed to me: this ugly beast of a tool was the exact opposite of an expensive, isolative exercise machine found in the bodybuilding gyms. It caught my attention and never left my side. I started using the kettlebell the moment I came home. With every kettlebell session my knowledge doubled, my performance improved, and my body hardened. Looking back, the kettlebell changes my approach on training and basically changed my life. That’s why I’m so proud for receiving the Master RKC instructor promotion.

This promotion feels like a great reward for my efforts and a motivation to keep empowering people mentally and physically.

A few year ago, I stated a mission. My mission is to contribute to people around the world, that are in need of more mental and physical strength. For that, my objective for the year 2020 is to get 1 million people, do a Trojan Workout daily. In this way, they will stand strong in their shoes and feeling more empowered to do the things they desire. I’m looking at a new future where everybody knows how to do a Trojan Set and does it as part of their lifestyle. I want to share my knowledge about how to get a sharper mind and a stronger body. I wrote about how anybody can get stronger in my book “Trojan Workout”; the fast track to a sharper mind and stronger body. Dragon Door will publish the book January 2019.

After finishing my RKC1, I remember how exited I was that I could call myself a RKC instructor. Becoming a Master RKC is like a dream coming true. To John Du Cane; without you, I was probably still struggling to find a tool like the kettlebell. To Andrea Jackson DuCane; I’m grateful for all the knowledge that you shared with me during the 5 RKC’s we taught together. It made be a better instructor.