There is a dynamo living in Virginia called Rekha Ayalur. I am most proud to announce her promotion to the position of RKC Team Leader. Rekha and Master RKC Darius Andre Gilbert have been killing it in the kettlebell, rehab and performance world. Can't wait to watch A-game Rekha bringing it for Dragon Door's leadership! Here is Rekha in her own words:
Kettlebells are the foundation of my personal fitness regimen, so it is an absolute honor to be named a Dragon Door RKC Team Leader. I was introduced to kettlebells in 2009, several years after hanging up my track spikes from college; and immediately fell in love with how well the kettlebell mimicked athletic movement and made me feel like an athlete again. In 2013, I began coaching at Dynamic Sport Performance under now Master RKC Darius Gilbert, where we use kettlebells to train clients ranging from young athletes to weekend warriors. Over time, I found kettlebells not only improve strength and performance in athletes, but also are an effective tool for both injury prevention and rehab. Darius and I began putting together seminars to educate rehab practitioners on how they too can incorporate kettlebells into their practice to create better outcomes for their patients. I am a true believer in kettlebells and the RKC principles and will continue to use them in my daily practice to better my clients.