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    Default Best convict conditioning exercises for martial arts?

    I owe Convict Conditioning 1,2,3 and C-mass. So to say that I'm a fan of Paul Wade's work is an understatement. I have started enrolling in a course of Krav Maga (israelian defence system) and I'm wondering what the best exercises of any of the convict conditioning series are the best for a fighter. I would think that pushups, pullups and squats are essential for strong kicks and punches but maybe you guys can come up with more exercises. I also don't know what to do for cardio since there are no aerobic exercises in convict conditioning. Any advice on that? Thanks in advance.

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    Pushups, pullups, body weight squats. Also, work the wrists and hands with knuckle pushups or do them on your wrists. Perhaps include burpees (bends and thrusts) into your pushups for cardio. Pistol squats or assisted pistols squats. Box squats for leg power. I would think that cardio would be very important. The ability to stay on your feet and still keep punching and kicking for an allotted time frame is what is important. Mobility drills for all effeicient movement. Breath control and heart rate control. I am saying this as someone who is not trained in KM...but its logical to me. But training the KV drills alone would indeed present you with many aspects of fitness for km...Dennis

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    I'll second the pushups on your wrists suggestion and other things to strengthen your wrists. You'll punch harder if you're not worried about hurting your wrists.

    Also core work - The core connects the lower and upper body and you'll lost power if that connection isn't strong.

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    Speaking from experience of doing Muay Thai and convict conditioning, you are right to use bodyweight exercises as a supplement. When I switched from weights to calisthenics, everything in my muay thai sessions got easier. That being said - I personally found Pavels grease the groove fit with it better as I was less tired and achey in my sessions from doing hard C-mass style workouts. If you aren't fussed about losing some mass i'd reccomend this.

    Grease the groove with one arm push-ups, pistol squats and pullups. Anything you do from CC3 routines will also help your power in punching and kicking big time. If you're interested in martial arts for competition, neck work may be beneficial, it certainly is in wrestling and helpful for clinches in muay thai and the like. Core work won't hurt either. Also the grip strength progressions from CC2 will make it less likely you'll get a wrist or finger injury and help you to hang on to would be escapee's

    Good luck!

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