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    Default “Exponentially rewarding!” Praise for the NYC PCC

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    Complete NYC PCC Praise

    If you haven’t yet attended a PCC and you are at all serious about your training, then you could be truly missing the boat. Not convinced? Then listen to what these folk had to say about their experience:

    Participant Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) NYC Oct 2018

    Brian McMaster, Stamford, CT, Trainer/Gym Owner
    RKCII, Animal Flow, DVRT, TRX, Original Strength

    It was an incredible experience. Al and Danny care and take great pains to ensure all are safe and are having a great time. I learned how so much of calisthenics will help the other training I do. All of the other participants were great. All worked hard and were fantastic at encouraging each other.

    It is up there with the RKC and RKCII.

    Joseph Spiranec, Buffalo NY, Bartender/DJ
    Former Div. 1 college athlete-football and track, 30 yrs. strength training experience with last 2 years dedicated to Calisthenics

    Amazing experience! Great diversity in the class. Al and Danny were great. The stories they shared were very inspiring.

    Kenny Nero, Jr., Bowie, MD, Librarian
    Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu White Belt, Beginner Calisthenics Enthusiast

    Invaluable information presented in a non-oppressive manner makes the experience exponentially rewarding. Climb off the fence, if you’re on it. There’s something for everyone here – and that’s coming from a librarian. Top shelf.

    Natasha Natraj, New York, NY, Personal Trainer
    RKC1, ACSM CPT, TRX, Stott Pilates, ex professional dancer

    Awesome, inspiring, supportive community!

    Really thoughtful, well-organized, and welcoming! Everyone was encouraged to do their best in a safe environment. All participants at this workshop were extremely kind and I think that is a reflection of the instructors themselves.

    Definitely one of my faves to date – for me and my training this has been invaluable!

    Lukas Sindicic, NYC, NY, Coach
    Ex soccer semi-pro in Switzerland. Functional strength & conditioning coach

    Top cert out there – highly recommend to newbies and already experienced calisthenics fans/athletes! Excellent quality of teaching, explain and supporting throughout the course!

    William Cawthorne, Martinez, GA, Trainer
    US Army Veteran DAV. Hyperfitness Instructor, Ran 93.3 miles in 24 hrs. ISSA Sports conditioning and ISSA trainer, Phase 2 black belt jkd.
    Huk-Jul-Sool Hapkido 1st Dan, Filipino martial arts apprentice instructor, Ke-shoto-do black belt 1st, Progressive fighting systems, Edged weapons instructor

    Absolutely amazing description and energy from the instructors.
    Top notch training!

    Wanda Torres, San Juan, PR, Pole Instructor
    Elevated pole certified level 1&2, Pole moves certified Level 1, Member of Pole Fitness Alliance (PFA)

    Awesome training! Being a pole instructor, this certification has given me more tools to progress my students in achieving those moves that require strength. Al and Danny were very knowledgeable. Understanding, helpful, no egos, answer every question. By far, the best workshop. Previous certifications were much by book and not so much on hands.

    Furui Zhang

    Definitely awesome! Learnt a lot and met a bunch of talented friends! The training was great and beyond my expectation. Under instruction and with spot, I tried a lot of movements and skills that I haven’t tried before.

    Kenneth Lein

    First I have to say that Al and Danny are a real inspiration to me. They know so much not only about a calisthenics but also about coaching. I learned those subtle tips that made a world of difference in my performance. Their attitude towards teaching is something to learn from them.

    The info was of high quality. It is aimed not only at people with experience but also to the very beginner. They could answer with solid knowledge the questions that came up.

    John-Mark Baker, Auburn, AL, Full-time Student

    My experience of the PCC was my first introduction into fitness instruction and education … and I could not have picked a better ‘1st’. The 1 on 1 attention given by Al and Danny is something unique within the field of fitness.

    There is not a higher quality instructor duo in the world than Al and Danny. Their passion, training, and knowledge is world class and I was lucky to be a part of it.

    Andy Cabán, Bronx, NY, Personal Trainer
    Martial artist since age 8 (various Arts), Certified ISMA (Personal Trainer)

    The Progressive Calisthenics Certification was the key to unlocking and integrating many calisthenics exercises, that can’t be learned from a book.

    The quality displayed by Al Kavadlo and his team was truly top-notch. They exhibit true mastery of gross and smaller details of each exercise.

    Rob Davis, Durham, NC, Musician and Personal Trainer
    NASM PT Certified, Rock climber, Badass drummer

    Quality of training and knowledge was 12 out of 10. 8 thumbs up. 900 gold stars.

    Kevin Nattoo

    Intense and progressive and overall informative. Surpassed all prior training because of ability of instructors.

    Sapan Patel, Lake Hiawatha, NJ, Pharmacist
    10 yrs. of martial arts experience; played in several coed intramural leagues. Fell in love w/calisthenics for it’s solitary and minimalist nature.

    PCC is a personal experience. The one-on-one consultation is attributed to smaller class size. It is worth every penny.

    The quality of training was outstanding and professional. I liked the holistic approach taken by both the instructors. The fact that they would demo all the exercises before was a huge plus.

    Christopher Martinez, Teaneck, NJ, Personal Trainer
    NASM certified, Some calisthenics training background

    Great information to further my knowledge of calisthenics.

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