A little while ago, I recommended you check out my friend Philippe Til’s ProBar. If you somehow missed my previous email to you, I do encourage you to have a look now.

If you have been having any kind of mobility issues or feel your movement patterns are off, then the ProBar could be just the fix you are looking for.

This device is helping me lift harder and more safely. It’s also helping improve my functional movement patterns—automatically.

Anyone else looking for better mobility and safer strength gains? Prepare to be impressed…

Oh, and when you visit the ProBar site you’ll see information on courses, including one in the Twin Cities. I took one of Philippe’s courses in New Jersey a while back and loved it!

They have a sale going on right now, plus I’ve arranged for Dragon Door customers to get a 10% discount on their product or a course. Just insert DD10 in the shopping cart and it will be automatically applied!