Dragon Door: How did you get started in fitness and athletics?

Rekha Ayalur: I was on the high school track team and ran during my high school career. I ended up going to Virginia Tech and ran a little bit my freshman year—but realized I wanted to be closer to home.

I transferred to University of Maryland my sophomore year where I ran through my senior year. After graduation, I tried to mimic our training in college, but was essentially doing just mindless stuff in the gym.

One day at the Washington Sports Club near my house, I saw two trainers using something bell shaped.

I thought it looked cool and interesting, so I watched them work with it.

Afterwards, I asked one of the trainers if they would be teaching classes with it, and she told me that they were working on creating a group class soon.

So, I joined their group class. At the time, I didn’t know anything about RKC or...read complete interview