Good news! Our incredibly popular Neuro-Grips are back in stock.

Push-up to the Next Level
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, United States
I've been using Jon Bruney's Neuro-GripPush-up tool for almost a year now. I absolutely LOVE the results that I have gotten with them! I don't Bench Press any longer, I perform various Push-up movements instead.

The Neuro-Grip tool has given me a new challenge and has increased the strength of my chest and aided me in rehabilitating my hand. My core fires and my upper body, in particular, my pecs get an incredible amount of work. I have my students, athletes and fighters use them on a regular basis.

I waited almost a year to provide a review. I wanted to see if I were going to experience any improvement or if this was some type of gimmicky item to shelved after the initial use. Well, it's NOT! I use the Neuro-Grips on a regular basis and plan on continued improvement!

As a long time trainer and former competitive athlete, this product receives my full endorsement! Phil Ross, Master RKC, 8th Degree Black Belt, Bodyweight Specialist

Great for rehab
By Dan Swinscoe / Issaquah, WA, Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy
I've been using these for my advanced shoulder stability patients and they work great. The patients love them too. You can immediately see the "athlete" come out in a person when they take on the challenge of using these. I love using them myself.

Does More Than Strengthen the Chest
By Sean ONeil / Scottsdale, AZ, USA
It would be easy to dismiss the Neuro-Grip as an overpriced gimmick that simply adds extra challenge to doing push ups. In fact, it works the entire body - and the mind. Strength, stability, balance, focus, and concentration are all required, with very little room for sloppiness or fear. And that's just to hold a basic plank!.

Fortunately, the Neuro-Grip is a solid tool that feels great in the hands and is much better constructed than similar products. The price may seem steep for something so basic, but the payoff of developing a stronger mind-body connection (not to mention tighter muscles) is immeasurable.

Great Way to Do Push Ups
By Mike Nowicki / BLF Hills, MI, USA
I purchased similar items from elsewhere none of them function with the safety and exercise ability that this item does.

When my hands sweat with those previous purchases they became unsafe to use but the Neuro-Grips and the way they are made remain safe for me in my poor estimation because of the quality of how they are made.

In my estimation this is another great product from Dragon Door.

By Gary Garrett / Hightstown NJ, USA

Just a superior, effective product. I use them as an alternative workout, in-between weight sets workout, or finishers. WOW! Lot a bang for the buck, and I can take them anywhere.

I love the effect it has on my Central Nervous System, not to mention the improvement I've made with other workouts. Great product!

Pushups that work your grip?!
By Casey Boyer / Columbus, USA

The Neuro-Grips require the focus/presence that Dragon Door promotes in all exercises to the pushup. The only thing I haven't read so far is how much they smoke your grip/forearms while doing PUSHUPS!

They have become one of my favorite additions to my bag of tricks. I highly recommend. You have to try them to understand.

A Must Have For Any Serious Trainer
By John Weber / Fort Riley, United States

Being in the military, I do thousands of push-ups a month during Physical Readiness Training. I got to the point where no matter how many push-ups or techniques I did I could not improve my 2 minute maximum which was plateaued at 100.

Being a kinesiologist and a collector of body weight equipment, I saw Dragon Door’s Neuro-Grips and had to have them.

After just a month of training with these I can hit 120 push-ups in 2 minutes unfailingly. My arms and chest have gained inches in addition to my forearm/grip strength becoming immensely stronger.

These simple yet elegant pieces of training art are a fantastic addition to my body weight gym and are compact and light weight enough to take anywhere.

They have taken my front end muscular endurance to the next level as well as increased my bench max. The craftsmanship and durability coupled with the results I am getting with Neuro-grip training make them worth every penny.