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Participant Praise for the SCC Instructor CertificationGaithersburg, MD, November, 2018

Teresa Martucci, Gaithersburg, MD
Great experience. I was very pleased at the amount of time allowed to practice the calisthenics strength techniques and very impressed with how knowledgeable the instructor appeared. The quality of training was excellent. Adrienne’s demonstration of each technique was incredibly helpful and it was also helpful that she could figure out why a technique wasn’t working and what could be done to remedy it.

James Wade, Gaithersburg, MD, Personal Trainer

Fantastic course for active/fit people to refine what they already know. Plus showing new bodyweight variations you’ve never thought of. Adrienne was very knowledgeable and knew her stuff. Would definitely recommend.

Leonardo R. Angeles, Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer
Workshop was very hands-on. Instructor was very enthusiastic. The manual has a ton of info. Very hands on workshop. A ton of info I will be using for my own training and for my clients.

Jared Woods, Norcross, GA

Great experience. I learned a lot and I have gained countless tools to help with my workouts. Great instructor. Very knowledgeable and experienced.

Alex Harrison, Annapolis, MD, Personal Trainer

A lot of fun and great information. Perfect instruction. Detailed explanations, great demos, and coaching cues along the way.

Matt Grafton, Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer

This certification has allowed me to see proper form and how to implement programing for my clients. The manual is extremely in-depth and refreshing.

Adrienne was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in so many ways. She is very passionate in what she does and it shows by the way she explains everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Strength Calisthenics.

Donita Valentine, Laurel, MD, Athletic Trainer

Adrienne was very knowledgeable in the content and her dedication to ensuring her students grasped the full understanding of the content. Adrienne was also considerate of the time.

Kelly Tanner, Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer

I wish we could do this once a month