Dragon Door: We heard that you were running a popular kettlebell press challenge online. What inspired you to create it?

Dorothee Appel: I started it in the first of November. A few things happened that brought the challenge together.

First, some of the people who are prepping for their RKC-II in March asked me for a press plan so that they would be ready for the heavy press test.

Many people get a little concerned that they won’t be able to press the heavy weight in testing.

Then I realized that Winter was coming—and that’s when everyone gets a little sloppy with their nutrition and training.

It’s also dark during this time of year and the mood goes down. Then it all gets worse through the end of the year after everyone has had too much food around Christmas!

Even if people make New Year’s resolutions, they start executing them while weak and overfed. They usually stop two weeks in and then they’re back at square one.

So, I played with the idea that we could end this year with a challenge. We’d work to get...read complete interview