The 4 Pillars of Vitality, Interview,
Sage Petersen, PCC Instructor

By Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-TL, CK-FMS

Dragon Door: I read that your job title is "vitality coach." How would you describe that role?

Sage Petersen: I call myself a vitality coach, which includes movement as well as lifestyle. My main pillars for vitality are movement, nature connection, meditation, and martial arts.

I teach these topics separately in personal training and classes, but I also do coaching which incorporates all the pillars.

Dragon Door: How did you get started on this career path?

Sage Petersen: When I was very young, my dad (who was a single dad like I am) took us to his clients' houses and the gym while he was personal training.

So I've been around movement and personal training since I was about three years old! At four, I started doing martial arts and sports.

My passion is feeling good, being connected to nature, and my own vitality. Naturally, I want to increase that connection for myself.

I also want to support others while they find their own connection to health, well-being, and the earth.

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