Note the deadline for the new London RKC with Dan John, hosted by Rob Blair and Commando Temple. Tuition for the RKC will be $899 if you register by January 18th.

On the Friday before the RKC, Dan will be teaching an HKC. Tuition for the HKC will be $349 if you register by March 14th.

Here is a sample of the participant praise from Dan John’s last London, UK RKC:
Peter Marsden, Barnstable, UK

Dan John was sent by God himself to make us stronger! Amazing experience. First rate. Absolutely brilliant.

Dan Liguori, Vero Beach, FL, Student

Above and beyond even my lofty expectations. Both Dan John and Fitsz Dubova were not only incredibly adept at their roles but also demonstrated patience and true care for what they were doing and trying to achieve.

This course was fantastic and provides a bedrock for any of my further knowledge.

Kevin Cornwell

It’s so important to find a coach you can connect with. The manual has all the info, but the coach has the lines. I learnt so much in the in-between parts. Dan John is even better than expected. Fitsz uses his understanding of calisthenics extraordinarily well to help all learn.

Better than StrongFirst’s seminar. Great transition between theory, practice, and teaching.

Greg Cornthwaite, Whyteleafe, UK

Dan John was a fantastic, knowledgeable coach who shared the RKC method really well. I have learned mountains of info and now ready to practice. Dan John has been very influential. The quality of the training was A-One.

Michael ‘Buster’ Keefe, Kent, UK, Personal Trainer, MMA Coach

I was subjected to awesome instruction with friendly and helpful coaches and assistants. Having read most of Dan John‘s books first, this was one of main reasons I did the course. Didn’t disappoint as loads of brilliant information.

Grzegorz Tomaszewski, Sopot, Poland, Strength Coach
Lovely experience. Nice group of people. I love this community. Great workshop. Dan John is a great coach. So many simple drills and the way he explains everything makes things easier.

Alex Strimbanu, London, UK, Coach
Dan John is a legend. Absolutely fantastic teaching! Massive thanks and respect to Dan John and his assistant, Fitsz Dubova!

Dan Thomas
I now have a much better understanding of technique and application of drills to help clients. Coach Dan was excellent. His knowledge is phenomenal and he was ably assisted by Fitsz who is himself an excellent coach.

Art Vilassakdanon, Winchester, Hampshire, Consultant
I had an amazing time learning from Dan John. He provided great hands-on learning and insight from his experience. Fitsz provided great feedback and coaching. Best course I’ve taken.

Andrea Breslin, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK, Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
Fun and worthwhile. Learnt so much about RKC. Dan John is amazing. Had no idea who he was before I came, but I am a big fan now. What a wonderful man. Seems to know everything and can explain it so everyone understand.

Vaughn Allen, North Yorkshire, Chief Exec
Excellent mix of lecture and practical advice and very specific recommendations.

Kim Rahir, Madrid, Spain, Personal Trainer
A very demanding experience. Many new insights on a more general, encompassing level. Dan John was brilliant, great insight, very professional, respectful, humane, and understanding.

Dalibor Meinert-Gjuric, Stuttgart, BW, Germany, Engineer
It was a great transfer for experience and knowledge in kettlebells and programming in a very condensed way.

William Gardiner, Malton, UK, Chauffeur
Leagues ahead of any other certification workshop. I am very proud to be part of the RKC.