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    Default The Main Reason - imho

    People who are fat and overweight/obese and know they have to improve the situation for a whole host of reasons mostly fail most of the time. And there is a big reason for this. Its simply that their desire to get fit and trim and reduce the BF is not placed high enough on their list of priorities. Thats why New Years Resolutions are 99% doomed to failure. It all begins in your brain. First of all fat people fall on their emotions and embark on the weight loss program with initial high hopes and expectations. But that will quickly flame out. Emotions can't make it in the long term. It cannot be sustained. Instead allow your mind to expand on the PRACTICAL/LOGICAL. Lets say you embark on a fat loss program and in order to stay with it over the long term - a tidy sum of $500 is automatically deposited into your savings account at 12 midnight every night as long as you work the program 100%. Most of us would probably stick with the program. Well if money is not what gets you there perhaps advise from a doctor who informs you that you are overdue for a heart attack within three years unless you lose 30 lbs. This is practical. Fear is a huge motivator. Any goal worth achieving needs to be placed high up on your list of priorities. The goal must have a logical and practical basis to it. Vanity won't work. Highschool reunions, weddings, revenge dieting (women know this one..hehehe) won't work. Most NYE resoultions won't work either. So if you do not assign your goal a high priority. well then why even waste your time with it...Dennis
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