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    Default Accidental Easy Strength, By Bill Kociaba, HKC

    Accidental Easy Strength

    By Bill Kociaba, HKC

    For the past several months I had been training in preparation for my HKC with laser-like focus. My training was nothing but swings, get-ups and goblet squats.

    But I missed my old friends the military press and the deadlift.

    I decided that it was time for what Dan John calls "park bench" workouts.

    It was time to just go play in the gym, to train with no specific purpose beyond the joy of lifting heavy stuff.

    I was intrigued by a mostly forgotten exercise called the "Jefferson Lift", sometimes referred to as the Jefferson Deadlift (JDL)*.

    I first saw it in the instruction manual for my first set of weights I purchased at Sears nearly 45 years ago!

    More recently, I stumbled across the Jefferson Lift again on a list of deadlift variations.

    The movement is performed by pulling the bar from the floor while straddling it. One foot is in front of the bar, and the other foot is behind it.

    My goal was simple: learn the lift, practice the lift, the complete article here.

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    I confess, I've never been a big fan of the Jefferson lift. With the slight twisitng of the spine and then compression of the lift, it just always seemed a little too risky for me personally.

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    I am considering doing the Easy Strength program after reading this article, and other internet sites that talk about it. Never done it before, so I will give it a try. As far as the JDL I do not understand what added benefits that would offer over a conventional DL and with the added risk for injury. ...Dennis

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