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Interview with Daryl Jelle, RKC

By Adrienne Harvey, SrPCC, RKC-TL, CK-FMS

Dragon Door: Since you have an exercise science degree, at what point did you decide to pursue a sports and fitness career?

Daryl Jelle: Like most people, I played sports in high school. My best friend and I also worked out together to get stronger so that we could continue to play in college.

After a spinal injury prevented me from continuing to play football, I decided the next best thing to playing football would be coaching football. So I could learn more about coaching, I decided I needed to be in the weight room with the team.

This was when I decided to dedicate my college years to studying strength and conditioning instead of football.

Dragon Door: What did you do next after graduation?

Daryl Jelle: My mom went high school with Iowa State’s strength and conditioning coach—and he had just won the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year Award.

If I decided to go to Iowa State, he would be able to offer me a...read complete interview