Announcing: our first-ever Austria PCC with Master PCCs Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo. Register by Friday, May 17th and the tuition is only $999.
Here is a sample of the Participant Praise from a previous PCC:
Tom Mayes, Hampshire, UK, Firefighter
PCC, KB Lev 1 & 2, Personal Trainer Lev 3, Former British KB Champion & record holder, Metafit Inst., Animal Flow Instr. Lev 1 & 2, Senior PT, Former British MMA Champion

This is my second PCC, spaced 1 year apart. It was equally if not more useful this time around. Having had a year for the information to sink in allowed me to have a greater depth of understanding and appreciation for the information.

I have been using PCC as a framework for classes and clients. Spot on.
Adam Hammond, London, UK, Personal Trainer

The PCC has been an incredibly enjoyable and humbling experience. To be coached for 3 days by Danny and Al is truly a unique experience!

Veena Pradeep Kumar, London, UK, Student
Represented my state in India for field hockey, Certified NASM-CPT, PES and FNS. Strength conditioning coach for year prior to masters.

It was exciting, informative, helped me learn a lot more than just calisthenics. Incorporating your own experience to teach the class makes it relative. It also helped me understand my own strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve taken various other certifications and courses and this was by far the best.

Matthias Gretemeier, Norway, Gardner / Landscaper
RKC 1 Instructor, Cardio Code Sports Science Instructor, Kinetic Code Sports Science Instructor

Met great people, got inspired and motivated just by looking at the group helping and encouraging each other to perform at their best on their specific level.

Instructors were excellent! Motivate people to push further / leave your comfort zone in a safe and sane way. Encouraging people to try new things without making them feel uncomfortable. Great entertainment factor as well: telling about their journey and failures make the customers feel ‘safe’ and ‘normal’.

Abdulla Al Hashmi, Dubai, UAE, Engineer

It was an inspiration to meet and be mentored by two leaders in this field. They boosted my confidence and helped me get out of my physical comfort zone and try out and succeed at difficult movements such as the clutch flag.

Martin McCann, Lancashire UK, IT Project Management Office Analyst
Six marathons since 2008, Kickboxing-based MMA, Lunchtime calisthenics

Great trainers and a varied mix of attendees have made for a great learning experience – very open and supportive, with some professional trainers and amateur enthusiasts demonstrating and contributing.

Both Al and Danny are very charismatic, and convey their knowledge and experience in a very accessible way. They were one of the main reasons I wanted to do this course, and it was great to meet (and experience!) them.

An excellent weekend with excellent people!

Helene Samuel, Chelmsford, UK, Marketing Account Manager

A truly fab experience where I pushed myself more than I would have because I trusted the other attendees and the trainers. Going away feeling great about myself, my body and its capacity to keep doing new things (even at 57 years old).

First rate. Trainers all very knowledgeable, friendly, non-intimidating and willing to work with individual capabilities.

Was nervous before attending but everyone so welcoming and encouraging. Love it. Learned so much and confidence in ability grown.

Jon Hersey, Somerset, UK, Nutritionist/chef

I am excited about my future with calisthenics and trying all that I have learned and more. All the instructors were confident and very helpful, outstanding knowledge and patience.

Very practical. The whole course was delivered with military precision but was fun.

One of the best training courses I have ever taken part in. Great sense of teamwork and made many friends. Thank you