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Thread: Here I go again!

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    Default Here I go again!

    Hello Dragon Door
    Its been a loooong time since I was here but I'm glad to be back and I've now convinced myself as the superiority of POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Most books have sectons or even whole parts that are at least partially right on the money but PTTP is in my somwhat humble opinion right about every single major point it makes re: gettng larger & stronger. Here's the parts I know are correct:

    1. The deadlift is KING!
    2. You don't need nor should you use belts or straps.
    3. Training pedal to the metal every single w/out is a sure way to burn out if not suffer a lifelong injury.
    4. You do need a extra protein, but not a zero carb diet of solely protein.
    5. There is no need to for any other exercises.
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    I'm 54 and was one of those guys that Pavel described in PTTP as not making any progress since the Eisenhower administration. Over the last three years, every single routine or program that Pavel recommends has worked for me, every one! When I go to other forums and I see his programs get trashed by internet know it alls, I just chuckle and move on.
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    Pttp is one of my favorite programs. Why it works is because if you read and understand the book - and follow the book as it is written it is IDIOT PROOF. Simplicity with no frills. A program that has too many moving parts and is complicated is far more likely to fail. There are those people who believe that complex programs = good program. Pttp is self regulating and does leave you with guesswork. It is not complex. The only decision for you to make is what cycling scheme for you to choose. And even that decision will not be wrong - just pick one and give it a test drive. I will most likely do Pttp again. And it is a very good program...Dennis
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