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Participant Praise
for the

Progressive Calisthenics Certification
Denver, Colorado June 2019

Leanne Woodward

I learned how just bodyweight can work for just about any person at any fitness level to reach just about any goal.

Al Kavadlo, Matt Schifferle and Sage Petersen were all exceptionally knowledgeable and offered may great tips, theories and instruction. I was especially pleased at how engaged they were with each of us – encouraging us to try new things and making sure we understood the lessons and were making progress.

Most of this material I can use with my clients tomorrow – not always the case with other certs.

Dustin King

Being in a room full of like-minded individuals, all better at different things, is exciting and mind-opening. There is no better way to find a better approach then seeing, hearing it explained, and then trying it out yourself. Al, the other instructors, and everyone in attendance do a fantastic job of providing this invaluable service in a clear and concise manner.

The quality of instruction was outstanding. Each instructor’s ideas and feedback were valuable in every situation. Having more than one is always great because the different angles they can view something from and little things they see allow for a very thorough assessment of your performance. They worked together as a team incredibly well to cover the material. Their different backgrounds and experiences provide a wealth of approaches and that makes the material valuable and usable for anyone you might encounter.

The instruction and material presented is far beyond what I received in training school. It is on par with other DragonDoor workshops, which is to say it’s amongst the best available. This was my second time through, and I learned and achieved as much if not more than the first. I look forward to round three down the line!

Joe Beman

As a bodyweight practitioner, I feel alone in a sea of power lifters and ‘intensity box’ regulars. But at PCC, it’s a real treat to be amongst like-minded athletes who share the same frustrations and joys of calisthenics.

Al and his team were masterful in how they explained both theory and practice. We first learned the ‘whys’ and then dove into the ‘hows’. Also, the instructor to student ratio was such that one could get their share of individualized attention from the experts.

This course exceeded expectations. Al and the other instructors were top notch!

Daniel Roskamp

My experience at PCC has been life changing and I’m excited to bring it back to my community. World class instructors who care about success.

Erika Wade

DragonDoor hands down provides the best quality instruction through their continuously amazing teachers. You won’t find more polished or qualified instructors in an amazing learning environment anywhere. PCC teaches the adult how to play and gain strength at the same time. Thank you!

I can see how much more practical and accessible it is to all generations including my parents and kids, and will help teach both. Very useful in gaining my own confidence in teaching.

Steven Smith

The PCC is an opportunity to come together with a group of people who all are interested in progressing their bodyweight abilities and knowledge. It’s a weekend of fun and play where you walk away with more knowledge and ability than you arrived with.

I believe Al, especially, and the other instructors all are committed and enthusiastic about PCC. They still get excited about teaching others and seeing someone accomplish something they haven’t done before.

Aaron Smith

A great class to help introduce, refine, and perfect calisthenics movements under the guide of experienced trainers who know how to teach in an efficient practical manner. I learned a lot about the finer points of movements you can’t find in any book.

Mike Davidov

An incredible opportunity to immerse myself in a modality of training that I find extremely rewarding and to do so with a great group of like-minded individuals.

Very thorough and patient. Well thought out explanations and progressions. Knows the curriculum inside and out. Great sense of humor, mixed with a serious approach to teaching.

Very practical. I felt great training for it exclusively for a few months, and still feel good after two long days of tough training. Each course has its own qualities, but this one will be useful to me indefinitely.

Josh Milberg

I would say that it’s a great way to meet people of all skill levels who not only practice calisthenics together but must now learn from each other.