Dragon Door: Before you were in the Army, did you have an athletic or sports background?

Rob Langdon: No, not at all. Where I grew up was essentially a cattle station in the middle of the desert in Australia.

My family and a few other people used to work there during the 70s-80s, so for fun we rode horses, motorbikes, and I learned to drive and shoot guns.

I used to walk everywhere and was a lot fitter than most people my age when I went to school.

I never did any team sports, since I didn’t grow up with that, but I understood fitness—and improving the machine—in general.

Dragon Door: When did you decide to join the Army?

Rob Langdon: My Mom's side of the family is all ex-military, she was Air Force and her Dad fought in World War II. Her sisters were also in the Navy.

The military was always in the cards.

When I finally went to school, it was...read complete interview