All right. I get the idea of not killing off your mitochondria & building it has a bunch of benefits.

At minimum, burning it out shuts you more or less down for that day & likely the next day, the body needs to do more damage control & then give you adaptation (instead of getting more adaptation in the same timeframe), and the bounce-back isn't going to just keep improving (like cirrhosis of the liver or diabetes from too much drinking or too much sugar)- plus, since these mitochondria are useful in other situations besides athletics, this makes the health tank.

So my impression of this The Quick & The Dead thing is the idea of doing a set of 10 (if it's even, if it's one-armed 5 on each), of something explosive, and resting for 3 minutes between each set of things. Seems like someone's shooting for 10 sets of 10.

Specifically, someone might (and this is also something I'm unclear on) do swings/jump squats/stair sprints & push-ups/dips/presses right after, wait 3 minutes, and do this again- seems to be 10 times. Doing Monday Wednesday Friday, at least as a beginning.

Then there was mention of 4 sets of 5 or 2 sets of 10 (I suppose someone might take 3 minutes between those blocks of sets- I remember a talk about 1:20 of rest for swings & 1:45 for push-ups, the remaining time on the minute plus a minute). Not real sure about that.

Not sure if snatches are a catch-all (it seemed like it was, but I might not have read the chart correctly. If so, are clean & presses? Seems to cover a decent amount of ground, but it seems like there's potentially too much time in between things to make it enough in each area (ex: the legs get some rest during all the up & down of the clean & the press part of the exercise that they wouldn't be getting with swings, jumps, or snatches).

Basically, I'm wondering how to do all this with bodyweight & how pull-ups would factor-in to all this. I remember it mentioning that the guy didn't work on any & he still did 19 with a weight vest on. Is it possible to just work through a whole bunch of exercises to hit more of the body or will it backfire?

Also, how do other exercises fit into all this? Heavy 5s going slower, regular running, etc...?