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    Default Okay, what do you guys think of this plan outline?

    Does anyone think that this won't work out well? I don't know how all the assorted stuff intersects, but it seems like if I keep my workouts from getting glycolytic, I should be in good territory on that level.

    Strength: heavy Sets of 3-5 with 5-15 minutes in between: get-ups with the sandbag, attempts to one-armed pull-ups & handstand push-ups, full lean-backs & other things with the bodyweight.

    Anti-glycolytic: maybe sprints/push-ups, jumps/dips, swings/presses or maybe stuff with a punching bag (ex: quick twists, squat jumps, fast drag/tugs in different direction). My understanding is 20 seconds or less of intense explosive work with 3 minutes of rest in between, shooting for a cumulative 100 reps.

    I don't know where the 4 sets of 5 or 2 sets of 10 fit into all that, so if anyone can shed some light on the subject, please don't hesitate to inform.

    Endurance: Probably get some from the anti-glycolytic work, both from the exercises hitting it & an effect from building the mitochondrial system, but also running or swimming. The running would possibly be variable (ex: fartlek) & so would the swimming (ex: regular for one lap, without arms for the next, without legs for the next after that, etc...).

    I think it would be nice to be able to do a 100-mile ultramarathon, but I don't really know how to go about approaching that & it seems more complicated than just the running (ex: how your feet hold up, hydration levels, etc...). Same deal with long ocean swims (ex: things like hypothermia, muscle problems from overuse like with slot machines, etc...). A few miles would be interesting for either.

    Also for endurance, possibly long amounts of lighter exercises (ex: regular push-ups, instead of one-armed push-ups done explosively or regularly).

    I'm thinking GTG throughout the day, Anti-Glycolytic & The Forge (or stuff like low acrobatics) as a general workout most days a week, running or swimming as I go.

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    That's a lot of activities you list. Do you have a proposed schedule or specific goals you're trying to accomplish? I'm no expert but my first impression is you're trying to do too much at once.

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    That is a pretty big work load. I'm old so my perspective is a bit skewed or maybe screwed... One point though, from all I've read and my own experience, I think for anti-glycolytic your best off ditching the timer and going by perceived effort 1st and heart rate second. 20 seconds is max for work time, 15 sec might be better. But key is you want to stop just before explosive power drops off. Rest time determined by when you feel fully recovered and "ready". 10th and 20th sets should be as explosive as 1st and 2nd sets. If not, time to quit for the day. If it takes more than a couple minutes to recover you may be using too much weight or pushing the duration of sets too long. It will likely take longer rest periods as you get deeper into the session.

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