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    Default First lesson of online HardstyleFit kettlebell course now available for free

    We are pleased to let you know that you can now access the entire first lesson of our online HardstyleFit Kettlebell Level One Course. This first lesson is jampacked with valuable training and coaching information. Over 14 minutes of detailed step-by-step video instruction, backed by a thorough PDF with further explanatory text and photographs. Then a quiz to test your knowledge!

    Remember this course is the result of nearly 19 years of research and experience to refine the superlative Hardstyle system of strength and conditioning. It’s been proven a thousand times over for its effectiveness and it’s the same system that originally launched the modern kettlebell movement.

    On Friday, September 6th we are going to be raising the tuition fee for our HardstyleFit Kettlebell online course from $199 to $249. The four-part payment schedule will change from $60 per month to $75. So today would be a great day to check out the first lesson at no charge then consider enrolling in the whole program.

    Here’s what other customers who have taken the course have to say about their experience:

    “I greatly enjoyed this course and have been recommending it to others. At the end of the course I felt super confident in my Goblet Squat, Get-Up, and the Swing. This course has changed everything for me and how I train. Also you just can't beat the amazing price!”—Eric Bennett

    “Highly recommended. Thoroughly enjoyed this course, a lot to learn even for those experienced with kettlebells. Having already recommended this course to many other coaches and trainers alike, I feel this is a great additional tool for those seeking to learn, educate and continually develop themselves and others in Hardstyle kettlebell training. Very easy process to follow via the online dashboard, 3 videos to be submitted at the end - Swing/Goblet/Get up for approval and verification. Andrea Du Cane was very prompt at the end verification stage to offer assistance, feedback and critique of the video's in her summary of the videos.” —Mark Paterson, Doha, Qatar.
    Great course - very useful & professional material and support. This was my first course - online & overall - to get started in the process of certification and to start into the kettlebell Community of HKC & RKC - i can highly recommend the course, material and way the course is set up - you can take all the time you need - re evaluate and work your way up, even so it was never too long on any aspect and provided the right amount of information (video & written instructions and information) and the thought topics.”—Andreas Ostendorf

    "One of the best resources for learning kettlebells, aside from personal instruction, is an online course. The best one I have found is the HardstyleFit Kettlebell course produced by DragonDoor."—Tom Furman, Online Fitness Consultant

    “A very well-produced kettlebell course. I learned so much. The PDFs are a very good supplement too. The price is very fair. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in kettlebell lifting.”—Ross Nixon
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