I was reading through both of these & I don't get what the difference is between them:

In S&S, someone does 10 sets of 10 swings & 5 alternating Turkish Get-ups, trying to get it down to 5 minutes for the swings & 10 minutes for the get-ups (swings every 30 seconds & 1 minute for each get-up).

In Q&D, there's no striving to reduce the time & it's still 10 sets of 10 swings/squat jumps/stair sprints with 10 sets of 10 presses/dips/explosive push-ups with 3 minutes of rest in between (around 15-20 seconds for each set of 10).

Why is this? What is the effect of reducing the rest? I get that the Q&D is to work on the mitochondrial-type of situation (less burnout, in every sense). But wasn't that the goal of S&S?