Since the initial announcement regarding Paul Wade’s isometric training breakthrough, the ISOCHAIN, Dragon Door has been inundated with emails regarding the device—wanting to know everything from the expected release date, to shipping issues and training queries.
Wondering whether the ISOCHAIN is the right investment for your fitness lifestyle? In this article, we answer the 10 most common questions:

  • When will my ISOCHAIN be ready?
  • What’s the price for delivery of the ISOCHAIN?
  • Can I work my chest with the ISOCHAIN?
  • Somebody told me you can’t do squats with the ISOCHAIN. Is this true?
  • The promotional literature says that the free training manual is over 400 pages! Is the ISOCHAIN very complex to use?
  • I’m very tall/strong. Can I still use the ISOCHAIN?
  • Will the ISOCHAIN be of benefit for women?
  • Can older people use the ISOCHAIN?
  • Can young people use the ISOCHAIN?
  • Does the ISOCHAIN build “real” strength, or just “isometric” strength?