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    Default What's a good timer to replace Kettlebell Timer Pro?

    For many years I've used "Kettlebell Timer Pro" to time my KB swings and snatches. Unfortunately this app has been discontinued and no longer runs on my phone.

    Could anyone recommend a good replacement? The feature which I particularly liked in KB Timer Pro was its ability to mark the pace of the interval by 'beeping' on each swing.

    Not sure if I explained that properly But if you had KB Timer Pro, you know what I mean...

    Thanks for your suggestions,


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    If you have an iPhone you can try my app. It needs to be brought up to date a bit, but it still works just fine. Im trying to rewrite it, but its hard to find the time with two small children and a full time job. (I have a fix ready for a couple minor display issues. Hopefully Ill get that out this week.)

    The interval timer works how I hope youd expect, though I admit choosing a new set can be a bit confusing. I will try to fix that in the next few months. I use the counter for TGUs and when Im doing breathing ladders instead of timed intervals. The stopwatch is there just to be there. Also, the beep volume is controlled by the ringer/system volume, so the volume buttons may or may not work depending on your system settings but the mute switch will.
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