Coach Reeve,

First, I want to thank you for your generosity – the Density Training Protocol is incredible! I’m particularly impressed with how you’ve been able to get your wrestlers up to a daily training regime of 10X10 pull-ups in 10 minutes, and how this type of training enables them to “step up to the bar” and knock off 40 to 50 pull-ups at any time…

This has got me thinking that Density Training may be a training protocol that I can use to accomplish some long held fitness goals that I haven’t known how to approach.

I’d like to train Hindu Squats (HS), Hindu Push-Ups (HPU) and Pull Ups (PU) daily, and I’d like to have the “functional reserve” to be able to do 500 HS, 250 HPU and 50 PU at any time. I can currently do about 120 HS, 40 HPU and 8 PU. I need your help in designing a training program that will allow me to achieve these goals.

So this leads me to the following questions:

If I want to be able to perform any of these goals (like 500 HS), does this mean that my daily training volume should ultimately be twice the goal (e.g. 1000 HS/day, 500 HPU/day, 100 PU/day)?

I can understand how the Density Training protocol can help with a relatively low volume exercise like Pull Ups (since you can do 10 pull ups in about 15 seconds, and you have 45 seconds to “rest” before the next set), but how do you apply the training protocol to a high volume exercise like HS, where one set of 100 will take longer than 1 minute to perform? Do you suggest training sets that are two or three minutes long?

How often should I train per week, and when do I begin to increase the number of workouts per week until I’m performing all three exercises daily?

Should I begin by trying to accomplish the daily volume goal first, and then practice reducing the number of sets? For example, should I start off relatively easy with 50 sets of 20 HS/min (or even 100 sets of 10 HS/min), and then work that down to 20 sets of 50 HS/min twice a week, and then increase the number of days per week that I do that work out?

Any advice or guidance that you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Comrade Omar