We were recently asked a very good question:
"I’m opening a small gym and it will be a strength and conditioning facility that will cater to rock climbers, mace and kettlebell enthusiasts. Here is the conundrum RKC? SFG? Both? Or another cert?"
To be fair we get that question fairly often. The person asking that question is obviously a very thoughtful athlete and business owner and he wants to make a correct and informed decision.
Let me break this down as best I can.
John and Pavel started the RKC many years ago – 2001 to be exact. After a number of very successful years, there was a difference of opinion in the direction the RKC should take.
I cannot speak for SF, however, the direction the RKC chose to take was one of educating and producing strong and competent coaches.
There are still instructor competency tests, but the focus is on corrective, progressive, regressive teaching that allows athletes and coaches to safely reach their potential and goals.
In the beginning, the RKC was run like a...Read Complete Blog Post