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    Default KettleBell Workout Location

    Being new to the party (my 1 pood has not arrived yet) I wonder about my choices and you're recommendations for a "courage corner".

    My choices (we live in a "cluster home" and have no yard so the backyard is not an option)

    1. A wooden deck.

    2. A carpeted area in a furnished basement with furniture moved so as not to be struck by a 36 pound weight falling from 7 feet.

    My questions are.

    1. Would a rubber mat sufficiently protect the bell and the deck outside.

    2. Would carpeting and pad sufficiently protect a concrete floor and the bell.


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    Default Re: KettleBell Workout Location

    Com Rutherford,

    Welcome to the party!

    That evil piece of iron dont need no protection. If you chunk it across the room and the handle hits first you could possibly break the handle.

    Unless you have a mishap, you really dont have to worry about damaging your KB or your flooring. Both of the locations would work just fine. The deck would be nice since you can get some fresh air. You also get to enjoy the funny looks from the neighbors when they see you working out with your strange toy.


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