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Thread: Participant praise for the NYC RKC

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    Default Participant praise for the NYC RKC

    Participant Praise for the NYC RKC, February 2020

    Diana Stinson
    I came in with a very basic, novice practice and leave feeling on the road to mastery. Much, much more confidence and understanding of KBs.
    Steve Holiner, Jason, Kapnick and Geoff Hemingway are a perfect team. Great balance of leadership and teaching styles. They made it fun. Learning different cues and the science truly helped rock out the different moves.
    Amanda Kola
    It was a great course. I wasn’t’ expecting to learn so much and clean up my technique. I am grateful for this course. Each instructor, leader etc was super informed and versatile. It was awesome to get different perspectives and help. Overall amazing.
    It was awesome to have patient instructors who were able to continue helping you and not giving up and saying you’ll figure it out.
    Charles Abovizied
    It makes beginners great at understanding how to use a bell. It helps professionals become better at teaching others how to use a bell and enjoy it!
    I really loved it. Broke whatever fears I had of the RKC before coming here. Everyone was super inviting and friendly, knowledgeable and made learning kettlebells fun.
    The most robust cert I’ve done. I feel like I’ve truly earned this cert if I succeed which I can’t say about others. The testing really sets it apart.
    MJ Durkin
    The entire team was amazing. Very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and kind.
    Isaac Hagberg
    RKC was the perfect way to feed a kettlebell addiction, fine tune movements, and learn from the best. It’s unique in the amount of depth and technique it went.
    Antonia Glielmi
    The RKC training was well worth it. I learned ways that bettered my technique which will help my professional career.
    The head instructors and the RKC team this weekend were very knowledgeable in my opinion. I felt that they had a passion to teach us and make sure we do our best. And I really appreciated that.
    Jim Meister
    I don’t think you could put a better crew together.
    Li Vizzi
    Great building blocks to bettering my own training and my teaching. Super clean and practical. Great coaching. I like that coaches are caring and very considerate of where people are coming from. And I don’t mind kind of like when coaches are assertive, bring focus, offer criticism, or fail a student when appropriate.
    Alex Williams
    This certification exceeded my expectations. The coaches are very supportive and knowledgeable. Tips and drills helped tons. I will be back for RKC level II.
    Everyone was excellent! Great professionals who taught form and skill. Very easy to talk with and made it easy to ask questions.
    Upcoming RKC workshops

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