Overall, I think this is an outstanding book and I’m happy that I bought it. The six principles of Coach Davies’ “Renegade Training” are well laid out, and the basic building blocks of a RT program are explained and illustrated. The chapters on Range of Motion Development and Agility Training are exceptional. The use of the “Renegade Agility Ladder“ diagrams makes following what could have been a very complicated set of drills easy to understand and visualize. I also liked the chapter on Strength Training, which contains some very good medicine ball and abdominal training circuits.

If I have any constructive criticism at all, it’s not about what’s in the book – it’s about what’s missing from the book. Chapter 5 on Work Capacity Development and General Physical Preparation (GPP) is only 9 pages long (mostly pictures) and we aren’t given any guidance on how to actually increase our Work Capacity other than use “short- and long-term periodization.” I know that Coach Davies has a lot more to say about GPP than that… The reader is also not told exactly how to put all of these exceptional training components together into an effective package. A final chapter on “How to Design a Renegade Training Program” is what I would have loved to have seen.

But let me again emphasize that this is still an outstanding book that contains material that may not have been published anywhere else…

Comrade Omar