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    ntwlkr00 is offline Junior Member
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    Default Bent but not broke

    Hello Comrades,

    I have enjoyed this site very much since I found it 2 weeks ago. I will be a brief as possible, any help is appreciated.

    I was in a automobile accident june 14th. A driver turned in front of me, no more than a foot before I could react. The driver walked away clean, but I suffered a crack patella and 8 inch laceration to the bone on my forehead.

    My question is when my knee starts to heal what would be a good beginning exercise (weight or bodyweight) to try to heal the knee.

    My background is martial arts, and started to lift approx. 2 months ago again. Felt good and making gains until this happen.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

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    Matt Haugen is offline Senior Member
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    Default Re: Bent but not broke

    Full, high-bar, Olympic-style front and back squats are great for strengthening your knees. Also, try backwards running in grass.

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    Default Check with physical therapist and/or Dr. .....

    After a lay off and injury you want to be sure and get started right. Since the patella was only cracked you will be back to training pretty soon so start with the basics of squats, lunges and step ups with bodyweight only. The exercise ball combo of bridges and curls will be a great hamstring strengthener. See your PT for advice.

    Do exercises in painfree range and if things get worse - STOP.

    Start slow with a small volume and add a little at a time - As always check with your Physical therapist and/ or Dr. with any questions.


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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Bent but not broke

    Com. ntwlkr00, welcome to the Party! When you get better ask your physical therapist about good mornings.

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