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Thread: PTP slump

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    # five is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default PTP slump

    After 6 cycles I can't seem to make anymore strength gains on my bench press, what do I do?

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    Don is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default Re: PTP slump

    Take a week or two off. Don't become a coach potatoe but don't lift weights.
    Start a new PTP cycle as described in the book.

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    JohnBrowning is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default Re: PTP slump

    PTP is not the only why to work out!!! Their are many ways to workout and not all of them are in PTP. RKC is great for stimulateing new growth. You can not make endless strength increases every single cycle!

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    John H. Myers, RKC is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default Consider Mirco-Periodization

    In a given week - mon go light - wed go medium - fri brief and heavy.

    on fri be committed to really killing the weights.

    mind your recovery daily, consider taking Inosine and or Creatine.

    merely options to consider.

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: PTP slump

    Com. # five, cut the frequency to 3/week and up the volume to 5x5 or 2/week with the Bear.

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