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    Default ABCDE Diet & Com. Pavel's Periodization?


    Is there anyone out there who is combining the Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet and Exercise (ABCDE) program with Pavel’s two-week PTP cycling/periodization? In a nutshell, the ABCDE diet has you overeat about 500 calories/day for two weeks while focusing on heavy strength training, and then has you under-eat about 300 calories/day for two weeks while focusing on aerobic conditioning and light strength training. The theory is that IGF-1, testosterone, and insulin all rise during the two weeks of overeating. You will gain both muscle and fat during that period, but the research shows that the ratio of muscle-to-fat that is gained is about 2:1. During the calorie-restricted phase, you’ll lose both fat and muscle at the same ratio – 2:1. The “net-net” is that at the end of the month you’re supposed to be left with more muscle AND less fat then you had at the beginning of the cycle.

    A good four-part article with detailed technical reference citations can be found at:

    I haven’t tried this yet, but in theory it seems to fit in well with Com. Pavel’s two-week cycle principle. What do you guys think?


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    Default Re: ABCDE Diet & Com. Pavel's Periodization?

    i believe your best best would be to get the anabolic diet pavel refers to in power to the people. i have tried the ABCDE diet and did not like the turnout. i didn't like losing size in the second phase of the diet. i have no seen the anabolic diet pavel talks about, but from what i have heard about it, it is a feast.
    i am thinking about trying it soon.

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    Default Re: ABCDE Diet & Com. Pavel's Periodization?

    I tried the diet, and gained 6 lbs of muscle in a couple of weeks.... only
    to lose it all in the following 2 weeks.
    Slow and steady wins the race.

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    Default Re: ABCDE Diet & Com. Pavel's Periodization?

    That sounds like a great way to put on muscle but if you were focusing on lowering Bodyfat% I think you'd have to eat healthier than "whatever you wanted" during the feast weeks. The Anabolic Diet and NHE theoretically follow the same lines but the cycle happens within a week - not over 4 weeks. I'd say give it a shot. Here's another idea along the same lines from an old bulgarian program.... Eat low carb for a period of time (minimum 6 days, max 14 days) then for one day eat nothing but fruit, and then for 14 days eat anything and everything. The only day that sucks is the fruit day. The theory is that you tell your body "you ain't getting no carbs" then you say for one day "you ain't getting no protein" and you're body freaks out and then you blast it with everything so you hold on to everything. Everytime I did that (I haven't done it for a year because I'm where I want to be physically, for now) I put on an equal amount of muscle and fat but was able to take the fat off within a week or so of low carbing it again- then I went back to the Anabolic Diet. I just did it for fun and to not "be on a diet" for a while.

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