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    Default Pavel,russian or cuban boxers


    To your knowledge, you have stated that the Russian boxers utilized the use of sledehammers as a training tool. I have two questions
    1) What else did the Russian boxers use as means to increase strength (pullups,kettlebells,olympic lifts,etc)
    2) Did the success of the cuban boxing impact the russians in training,ex.,did they share training ideas and utilize similar ways to better themselves. I thought you may know a little on this, because it seems there is very little info on the cubans

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    Default Re: Pavel,russian or cuban boxers

    My grandfather was a boxer in Cuba just prior to the revolution and came to the U.S. to turn pro. His brother lived in Cuba for 20 more years and was on the Cuban national team and coached there for several years afterard before making it to the U.S.

    I have discussed this topic at length and it seems that there isn't much difference in the way they trained and the way American boxers train. There was a lot of running in the sand, which is done here but isn't a staple, but it seems that was largely the difference. Quality boxing in Cuba can probably be attributed to the poverty level. At least that is his opinion.

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default a KB boxing champ in the US

    Irish Comrade, cals, rock throwing, chopping and sawing wood, KBs. You will find it cool that one of Com. Steve Baccari, RKC's fighters, Ryan Kelczweski, just won the Jr. Olympic Championship. Ryan is the first fighter Com. Steve put on a KB regimen. Now this Com. Baccari's gym has two #1 ranked kid boxers in the US (the other is Mark Delucca Jr.), both train with KBs three times a week. I am pushing Steve for a video.

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