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    Default Overworked Shoulder Heal Time - Experience?

    Went to the Doc because my shoulder was hurting last week and she told me that I overworked my shoulder. I knew I had because I had been stupid the week before. She did all her magic doctor stuff to it and figured that there was nothing really wrong just that the joint has been overworked I needed to let it heal up, but she was ambiguous as to how long it would take.

    I'm sure others have dealt with this before. First time it's happened to me and wanted to get a gauge on it, although I'm sure the ultimate answer is - when it stops hurting it's better. It's worlds better than it was 2 and half weeks ago, but I can still feel some discomfort, running from my shoulder almost behind/right above my clavicle.

    Would appreciate anyones similar experience with this.


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    Default Re: Overworked Shoulder Heal Time - Experience?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a definite answer for you, but I can say I sympathize and would also be interested in hearing what folks have to say about it. I hurt my shoulder about 4 weeks ago. My doc said I sprained it - the pain is similar to how you describe yours. I think I did it doing dips between chairs... Anyway, its been getting better, but still not 100%. I did call the doc's office back and the nurse told me sprains usually take 4-6 weeks to heal. Oh, the doc also told me that the rotator cuff muscles get really weak after a sprain and he gave me a therapy band to do some exercise with.

    Heal fast!

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    Default Re: Overworked Shoulder Heal Time - Experience?

    About 3 years, I had the same problem with shoulder pain. I think it came mainly from excessive amounts of dips and push-ups together on the same day about 5 times a week. My Stupid Days! lol For some reason I ignored the pain and never went to the doctor. I actually stopped doing dips for a while (living with the pain for 6 months), then started again, but this time no push-ups, and I lowered the reps, it just went away by itself. But I think if I start doing push-ups and dips together the same day with very little rest, the pain will definitely come back. Just my experience of it, as you asked. I didn't go the doctor (what the hell is a doctor going to tell me? I did something bad to my shoulder?) Basically just cut down on some of the exercises that you think that might be the cause of it. Plus you didn't mention what exercises you were doing. Not really any advice. This summer time, after a couple of years of no dippping at all, I did do 2 PTP cycle of weighted dips, got around to 80 lbs x 3, seemed pretty good, no shoulder pain or anything. What else can I say, but repeat myself? Sorry, if I repeated myself too many times, I like to make a point understood. Do 1 pressing movement and do it in a controllable manner, don't go killing yourself. In case your wondering I worked with the dips, doing a 3 x 3 program, lowering the weight 5% each set, going down to 90%. Good Luck on your healing and training.

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