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    Default Heavyhands vs. Sprints

    Which is better for fat loss? I'm already doing the FRWTL program, but wanted to get in some additional cardio. With heavyhands, I don't feel like I'm exerting myself as much as sprints, but maybe that's just my perception? Is heavyhands considered high intensity cardio?

    any input appreciated!!


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    Default Heavyhands vs. Sprints

    Hey Caroline,

    Heavy hands and sprints are different forms of cardio.

    Compared to sprints HH is much longer in duration and the maximal intensity of sprints can't be maintained for that long.

    True sprint development programs (eg 100-200m track) utilise very high intensity efforts with significant rest between efforts. For example you may sprint 6x 100m with 3-5 minutes between sprints.

    During each sprint you are working maximally but the majority of the workout is waiting for your body to recover so that you can sprint again. Many popular "sprint" programs in magazines etc compress the rest periods to keep the workload fairly high. For example sprint 30 sec jog 1 min sprint 30 sec repeat.

    HH workouts are a relatively constant effort at a pretty high but sustainable level. HH can also be worked into an interval program.

    Now to answer your question, a true sprint program probably does not have enough density to be an effective fat loss workout. Popular interval sprint programs like "guerilla cardio" are very intense and make good fat loss workouts, Heavy hands and other constant workload cardio can be good fat loss workouts too but a lot of people find it mentally easier to max out then back off rather than sit at a constant level of effort.

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