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Thread: Why Five Reps?

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    Default Why Five Reps?

    Pavel, I compete in Olympic Lifting, and finished reading your book some time ago (and used the PTP method to add a lot of strength to my squat and front squat). However, most of the people I train with and compete against (I recently attended a USAW camp) don't do anything more than 3 reps per set, even while squating, RDL's, and pulls. I was hoping you could provide justification for the 5 rep size in the PTP method, and whether or not you think that doing 3 reps at 90% of 1 rep max then a set of 3 reps at 80% of 1 rep max would produce the same strength gain effect over a similar period of time. Thanks very much for your reply, Jim

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    Default Re: Why Five Reps?

    Actually you have misunderstood PTP. You can use triples, doubles or singles. The 90%/80% is not the the percentage of your single but the percentage of that rep max. For example if your max RDL is 300 lbs for three reps, you would use 270 @ 3 followed by 240 @ 3. If you do lift low reps then I would personally reccomend lifting all five days (mon-Fri) since the volume is so low.

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    Default Re: Why Five Reps?

    You may find some interesting data in a book by Vladimir Zatsiorsky called "The Science and Practice of Strength Training". He is a biomechanics professor formerly one of the top guys involved in the design of the Soviet Bloc training methodology. The book has an interesting chapter on what the function of various rep levels really is, at least to the extent we can know currently. I bet lists the book.

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Why Five Reps?

    Com. Jim, fives are fine for PL type exercises. Drills such as the classic lifts of the OL indeed should be trained with 1-3s (too much coordination). DItto for the FSQs; the rack starts slipping.

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    Default one rep max

    I don't have a quote handy, but I am pretty sure Pavels does say you should be lifting with 90% of your 1RM.


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