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    Default 32KG BABIES: maximum respect! know, when I was at the RKC course, I was looking at 'em, but was always respectfull. I told myself "Mario, first you learn how and what to do with the lighters,and only after that, you can touch the 2pods...have respect for them: they are the difference between the trainee and the girewik, if you want to handle 'em, do it well!"
    Now they are here: 2 big russian babes arrived to me via Monster in Germany. I didn't had any patience: right after a short warm-up, I had my 10sets of 3 reps snatches! Heavy? Yes, they are, but so fascinating also..
    Now my tomorrow will be a Girewik's day!

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    Default What's a girewik?

    Just kidding! Have fun with them. Pretty soon (?) you'll be doing double snatches.

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