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    Default Comrades, back home again...

    Hello Coach and Comrade evil one. I am enjoying my vacation after tour in Bosnia. I have been training BJJ and training thai kick boxing like a mad man. If ever you want a cure for doing nonsense exercises, try training MA everyday 2-4 hours. I barely have the energy to do two sessions a week. Right now I am training Squats, Romanian dead lifts, military or push press and some variation of chin up. I do max effort on mondays and lighter by 20% on Thursdays. Anyways, since I have been rolling like a mad man, I am finding my cardio, physique and flexibility are coming back to me really quick. Over in Bosnia on tour with the army i barely had time to train once a week.

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Comrades, back home again...

    Com. Canada Rick, welcome home, soldier! In light of your experience, please try to explain -or rather expand -to Comrades why it is a good idea to keep their training simple.

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