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    Nov 2008

    Default Pavel and coach, I'm back...

    Comrade Evil one and the coach, I am back. I just ordered both kettlebell book and tapes. I was finally jolted into it by the MM article you did on kettlebells. I experimented with some dumbbells I have at home using the three drills you showed in the article. Will the book/video have more drills ?
    Another topic. I have been training full bore MMA/thai boxing and BJJ since I have been back in Canada (the reason I don't have much time to chat on the site now). Last friday, we did some MMA drills in 3 minute rounds (Just doing striking and take downs) but let me tell ya, my heart rate was soaring sky high (I do a lot of cardio work as it is). This has pushed me to more rope work. see ya soon, take it easy and train hard !

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    Default Re: Pavel and coach, I'm back...


    A pleasure to hear from you. I know you will enjoy your kettlebell training tremendously. Please, if I can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to ask.

    In faith,

    Coach Davies

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Pavel and coach, I'm back...

    Com. Rick, welcome home again, soldier! The book has a lot more; good luck with your MA.

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