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    Default strange bump on arm

    Quick background: I have been using my 16kg bell for 3weeks now.

    I always wrapped my forearms/wrists with bandanas or something else to pad my arm. Lately I have been trying to ween myself of this habit. Today I did a few C&Js without the wrap and man does that hurt. I managed about 3 each side before the pain was causing me to lose focus on the exercise. You have to understand one thing: I am EXTREMELY thin, on the verge of an Auschwitz kid. I noticed today that the few reps without the wraps actually bruised me so bad they broke the skin in a few places. Not to worry though sounds much worse than it feels. However when I was rubbing my arm I noticed a small bony bump under the skin. Am I genetically just too skinny to do my bell exercises without padding or what gives?

    Anyone else out there have any similar issues?


    the bump is most likely my bones response to the added stress in that spot, defense mechanism if you will. Conclusion KB training increase bone density, hahaha.

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    Default Many lifters have experienced..

    a thickening of the tissue where the kb hits the forearm.

    Make sure you roll the kb around (not over the top) of your forearm when you clean. From the final clean position, roll the kb around your forearm, swing back & follow the same groove back up. Keep wearing the pads until you get the groove.

    Email me if you need more detail.

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